O’Hara’s Galactic Adventure


The Galaxy Hop is the second to be featured in O’Hara’s fledgling Hop Adventure Series of Single Hop IPAs. There were a lot of hops in that sentence! These type of beers stand or fall depending on how you feel about the hop in question. I quite like Galaxy hops so I was happy to be given a sample of this. Galaxy hops are grown in Australia, which explains all of the kangaroos on the label. The beer has a very pleasant fruity aroma. The taste is a mixture of citrus and some sweet mango. I felt it coated my mouth with thin layer of hop oil. That’s a good thing in my book. It’s relatively light and at 5% you could safely have a couple of bottles. Well worth a try. Sláinte!

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  1. Australian hops are all the rage right now in Western Canada. I like them but personally miss the time when it was New Zealand hops there were the rage. I really like how tropical they are.

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