Bar Rua

Bar Rua is a fairly new arrival on the Dublin scene. It’s owned by the same people who brew Carrig beer. Seeing as to how it was a bit balmy yesterday afternoon I had a pint of Eight Degrees’ Summer Days. It’s a very quaffable session IPA. I had only popped open my first bottle the previous evening and it’s equally delicious both ways. I wonder when Eight Degrees are going to begin canning? This one would be a good one to start with. 

Keeping it sessionable I opted for Carrig’s Grand Soft Day IPA next, when in Rome and all that. This went down very nicely too. Ah daytime drinking…a rare pleasure. 

I have to say I liked Bar Rua, it had a nice vibe, a bit like a country pub in the city if that makes sense. The food also looked and smelled good, it was no nonsense fare that would go well with a few pints. I may stay a bit longer next time. Sláinte! 

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