Skelly’s Beer Festival 2016

Skelly’s held their second Beer Festival in Ballymahon yesterday. They had beers from St Mel’s, Black Donkey, Soulwater and Franciscan Well pouring. 

I started off with Black Donkey’s Western Warrior. It’s a straight up Lager with none of your fancy dry hopping or any of that kind of jazz. And you know what? T’is grand. 

St Mel’s launched their 2016 Autumn IPA at the festival. Their new assistant brewer Mark Connolly chose the hops for this one and he went with Ahtanum, Liberty and Crystal. It made for an easy drinking IPA, good job Mark! 

Sean Colohan gave me a taste of his Mango Sour homebrew which was really good but had the unfortunate side effect of throwing my palate off for the next beer. ( Would someone please give Sean a brewery? Cheers! ) Soulwater had their brand new Bulletproof IPA and it took me a few sips to get into it but damn it’s a good ‘un. Fair play Shane! 

Shane had also brought Buxton’s Imperial Black IPA and it was a big toasty, strong, black coffee type of a beast. A nigh perfect finisher. Great night in Skelly’s and you can find some of those beers in the bar on a regular basis so it’s always worth calling in if you’re passing through Ballymahon. Sláinte! 

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