Hola Barcelona Beer Company! 

Barcelona Beer Company is a new name to me. Their eye catching labels waved at me from the shelf in Super Valu Celbridge. So I decided to pick up a few for my fridge. The first one I popped open was the imaginatively named Barcelona Beer. It’s an American Pale Ale but you have to work that out for yourself, there are no clues on the bottle. Oh, wait, there’s a QR code. That doesn’t work. Hold on, I took off the last bit and we’re in! : interwebs link – The beer is quite drinkable, it’s not very bitter and it went nicely with the duck sandwich I was having. 

La Niña Barbuda doesn’t make us go down a QR rabbit hole but tells us straight up that it’s a Brown Ale. This one struck me as a Belgian Style Brown with some rather nice demerara sugar flavours. I had it with steak but I’d imagine it would be even better with chocolate or caramel desserts. I liked the artwork and amusing story on the label. 

I had Cerdos Voladores last. It’s an Indian Pale Ale. The name means ‘Flying Pigs’, it’s a decent IPA, hopped with Centennial and Amarillo and I’d say it would cut straight through a cheese Pizza or some tapas. They’re all worth trying but my pick of the trio is the Brown Ale. Sláinte! 

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