Craft Beer Rising and other Stories!

CBR London

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to represent Rye River at London’s Craft Beer Rising event. Myself and Head Brewer Bill landed over there the evening before and we got things off to a start with a few quiet ones.

The next morning we breakfasted at Dishoom. It came highly recommended, and rightly so, we had to return another morning too.

We were pouring Miami J for the first time in 2019 so we did have to do some quality control sampling. We also had our collaboration beers with Hillstown; Delusional White Stout and Caber Toss Wee Heavy. The virgin oak barrel aged Delusional was delicious with a lovely coffee quality to it.

I stuck with the stouts and loved a Blueberry one from Saugatuck.

During the interval some of us made the short walk to an underground festival organised by Kill the Cat bottle shop. I enjoyed some beers from Whiplash and Deya but I’m not sure if I’m cool enough to hang around in unused toilets though.

I began the following day with Hillstown’s Blueberry Sour. Now that’s a breakfast smoothie. All I needed was some waffles.

I knew we were planning on visiting Five Points on Friday afternoon so I warmed up with the well named JUPA.

Myself and Bill headed to Five Points along with the lads from O Brother and Open Gate. And cold cans of IPA were waiting for us.

Ben did a great job of making us feel welcome and showing us around. Afterwards we hit the Penbury Tavern across the road for a pint of Pils and some Pizza. Cool spot.

Then it was straight back to the grindstone.

Where Don Letts was djing. Which was nice.

The next morning Kevin from Hillstown tapped up Beer Hut’s Boombox. It’s always good to start the day with an 8% DIPA and this was one very drinkable example.

I found a few more beers around the place to try. I liked Harbours Helles and Cotswolds Imperial Pilsner.

And that was a wrap. Myself and Bill rounded it off with a couple of small beers in Mother Kelly’s before heading to the airport. It was a great but tiring few days. Big thanks to Get ‘Er Brewed for having us on the Crisp Malt stand. Sláinte!

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