Where was I? Oh yes, Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair 2019!

The sixth Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair took place over the weekend in the Convention Centre Dublin. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend all of them and have been behind the Rye River bar for the last three events. On the Thursday evening we were delighted to see Alltech’s Gearoid Cahill approaching us with nineteen medals including Gold for our Grafters IPA and Best in Category for McGargles Daragh’s Grapefruit Session IPA. The brewers are a great group of lads! We also had a few festival specials pouring including the well received Hop Colossus and Fobby’s Oakily Smokily Grodziskie. Which tasted like a gobfull of Rancheros!

Brewer Bill and I snuck into the media room for the tasting there, I was surprised at how much I liked the Míl Gin and Tonic can. And Joe Donnelly from Rascal’s gave good entertainment value for money. Even when he wasn’t presenting!

Other than that I didn’t stray too far from our bar on the Thursday or Friday. It was great to have the lovely lads from Ballykilcavan as neighbours!

First thing Saturday afternoon I said I’d check out a few other bars around the place. Loudons are a fairly new draught only brewery in east Clare. I enjoyed their Australian Pale Ale which reminded me of the time that Coopers was one of the few ‘craft’ choices available.

And then I was kindly brought over Bridewell’s two special beers, brewed to commemorate the centenary of the first non stop transatlantic flight. Bottles are available in Supervalu Clifden if you find yourself over that way. The Navigator Brown Ale would go nicely with a whiskey according to Whiskey Nut who wasted no time at all getting his own blog up!

So I juggled and shared the three beers.

So Whiskey Nut and I took a walk around. I liked Porterhouse’s light, floral Smash, the Hunter malt made it interesting.

My buddy Ian showed us some whiskey that wasn’t being opened yet, the big tease. And I forgot to go back to their bar when it was opened!

Brewdog’s Brutalism Brut IPA was very easy to drink a pint of, I only asked for a taste…

Sure you’d have to try Lough Gill’s Chuckee Larmz, it’s probably actually healthier than the similarly named / packaged cereal.

I sampled some Cornude popcorn, the tikka masala was epic. Speaking of food, over the weekend I was sustained by a couple of Kono pizza cones, a Pie Man chicken and sausage pie and a rake of Barry John’s sausages. Cheers for looking after me guys!

So, yeah, I guess you could say I had a good day Saturday. (Once again stealing a pic from Tara!)

All credit due to Alltech for putting on another very well organised and fun event. Sláinte!

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  1. Whiskey Nut says:

    I made sure to go back for the BrewDog whisky!
    Definitely one to watch out for.
    Great show & great craic!

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