10 Years of Metalman!

Metalman Windjammer in the sun.

Metalman are celebrating 10 years of brewing this year! The Waterford brewery has launched some special beers to mark the occasion and they very kindly sent me out some to try. Included in the box was their iconic Pale Ale which was the first Irish craft beer to hit the shelves in cans back in January 2015. I remember bemoaning the fact that it was never bottled as it was rare enough that I’d come across a tap but they showed remarkable foresight in investing in a canning line.

Windjammer is a NZ Amber – hopped with very tasty hops from New Zealand. It tastes great on a sunny evening in the garden.

Metalman Giant Molecular Clouds

Giant Molecular Clouds is the first in their Galactic Voyager Series. It’s a New England style IPA with Amarillo, Azaca and Huell Melon. It’s very enjoyable. And juicy. Keep an eye out for this hoppy series and the very fetching artwork over the course of the summer.

Metalman Galactic Voyager Series

Decade is a beer in lieu of a tenth birthday cake but imagine a Black Forest Gateux with an espresso chaser. This Tart Cherry Coffee Porter is exactly how you’d imagine it to be. Waterford’s Coffee House Lane lent a hand with this one and I’ve drank enough of their coffee too! So join me in raising a glass or two of Metalman beer to help them mark ten years of brewing. You can find them at http://metalmanbrewing.com and in good off licences. Sláinte!

Metalman Decade – Tart Cherry Coffee Porter
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