New Irish Brews


My wish came true and Super Valu have started stocking the full Bru range. I was keen to try their Dubh Nitro Stout. It’s a dry stout and it was far more satisfying than your normal pint of the ‘black stuff’. There aren’t too many Irish craft breweries using the nitro style but it works really well here. You have to pour the beer ‘hard’ into the glass, I just up ended the bottle into it. The end result is a fine creamy head. Do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle or four…


In fact you could even mix and match as there are four for a tenner. I had never heard of Kenmare’s Red Ale up until a few days ago. It’s made for Cork’s Little Island Brewing Company by a well respected Irish brewery. I’m told they are in the process of building their own brewery at the moment. The Red Ale is dark ruby in colour and is a warm and rich beer. I look forward to seeing what other beers they bring to us in the future. 

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    The only other brewery I know of that uses the Kenmare bottle shape is Bru. A clue, perhaps?

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