When did you have your craft beer experience?


This is me in the Heartland Brewery which is in the basement of the Empire State Building in New York. It’s one of the first times I was excited about craft beer and the idea of smaller breweries. Another was a trip to the Galway Hookery brewery with a friend who also shared Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada with me. What ignited the love of all things craft with you?

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11 Responses to When did you have your craft beer experience?

  1. Tom Gleeson says:

    Searching for some Sam Adams when I got back from America, I discovered craft beer right here at home. And it was good.

  2. phirx says:

    Great site! So fun to read about Irish beers, most of which I will never get to drink 🙁 I’ll keep my eye out though and let you know which ones make it to Music City (besides Guiness, Harp, and Smithwick’s). Sláinte! ~ phirx

  3. phirx says:

    OH I forgot to answer your question: Check out my blog. I’ve been brewing for 20 years, before the term “craft” was in usage. Back then they were “microbreweries” and still in their infancy. I was lucky enough to live in NYC then and have access to a lot of great imports. Anchor Steam was a great and rare find back then (I saw it’s one of your faves). ~ phirx

  4. phirx says:

    Hehe Yazoo is on my list to review this summer, absolutely!

  5. phirx says:

    …and definitely I hope to visit Éire someday. All Irish here on my mother’s side, from County Clare (Ennis is my nother’s maiden name).

  6. terryhickey says:

    I was drinking “craft” before I knew it was craft beer, but then I went to Portland, Oregon where they are super craft saturated and it practically blew my mind. Over that weekend I sampled 100 craft beers and I have been hooked since.

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