Fancy a ‘craft’ shandy?


A shandy means different things to different people. In England you get lemonade with a dash of beer. In Ireland you get beer with a dash of lemonade. That’s been my experience anyway. Yesterday Beer Is Your Friend posted an article from the Guardian about ‘Craft Shandy’. I said I’d try one of them, my choice was influenced by the availability of both ingredients. Fuller’s Honey Dew isn’t a bad beer and I like Lorina’s Lemonade. The glasses were filled with beer as pictured above and then topped up with the lemonade. It makes a tasty honey and lemon drink. I’d almost swear it was a healthy beverage. I’d recommend trying it, see what interesting combinations you can come up with. The original article recommended steering clear of artificial sweetners and I’d wholeheartedly agree with that, nothing would ruin a decent drink quicker.


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