Not your usual beers!


That beer really is quite pink. Brew Dog are poking fun at FIFA with their Vote Sepp. It’s a Wit beer with some Hibiscus thrown in for the craic. Regular readers will know of my lack of sporting knowledge but apparently Sepp Blatter is a bit of a bollocks. The beer is good though! 


Franciscan Well’s current Seasonal is a Clementine and Rosemary ale. Unsurprisingly it’s spicy and citrussy and very, very drinkable!


From further afield, 8 Wired’s Saison Sauvin is a strong saison with a lovely dose of Nelson Sauvin hops. I’d recommend seeking out all three and drinking them in the same order I did, Bradley’s in Cork and Holland’s of Bray should be able to supply them!

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  1. simon682 says:

    A bit of a bollocks is a fair summation.

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