Czech Please!


A friend of mine recommended that I pick up a pair of Krusovice beers from Super Valu in Monksland, Athlone. He has drank more Czech beer than I have so I followed his lead. The first one I had was the Imperial Pilsner. In this case Imperial doesn’t indicate strength as it clocks in at just 5%! It’s grassy and has those classic Saaz hops typical of the region. A pleasant Pilsner.


The darker beer; Cerne is very malty and mild. It’s easy to drink if a little on the bland side. Both of the beers had large heads. I discovered after drinking them that the brewery is now owned by Heineken. And I didn’t die! Some Super Valu shops seem to be starting to stock a wider range of beers. Apparently the Mullingar outlet has 43 Irish beers and it looks like one in Wexford has an enviable selection. I have spoken with some of the very nice ladies working in my local Super Valu and to be fair, they don’t know much about beer, so while it may be handy to pick up a few bottles every now and again I for one won’t be forsaking Off Licences. Sláinte!

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  1. The Beer Nut says:

    Johnny Heino has a good few decent beers in his international portfolio. Krušovice is definitely one of them, IMO.

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