Rascal’s Chocolate Ginger Porter and Cake!


In a slight return to my recent Chocolate Stouts as dessert post I have to tell you about the bottle of Rascal’s Chocolate Ginger Porter that I enjoyed the other evening. I’ve had this beer on draught and thought it was quite nice. The bottle is another story. The ginger really sings and tingles on your tongue. What follows is a lot of chocolatey malt. It’s delicious. I supped it alongside some peanut butter and chocolate chip cake made by my wife. What a wicked combination! There were only 700 bottles of this beer bottled so don’t waste any time picking one up. That’s all for now, I have something special in store for the next meeting of Athlone Beer Club on the 30th of January but I can’t say anymore just yet. Sláinte!


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  1. Bet that beer would be delicious in cake!

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