A couple more of those Irish IPAs


Nailed It marks the fifth birthday of Cork  Brewery Eight Degrees in some style. In fairness after brewing forty odd different beers they had to get it right eventually! I jest, of course, the brewery that brought us such epic beers as the Full Irish has a well above average strike rate. This one is fruity, juicy and has a nice level of hoppy bitterness. A good test was, I wanted another straight after finishing my first. And it was a weekend  night after all. Fair play lads and here’s to five more successful years!

Here’s a link to a brand new blog and a little look behind the scenes at Eight Degrees;


The Crafty Brewing Company beers are brewed in Rye River for Lidl Ireland. This one had eluded me for a while but I was happy when I spotted it on the shelf in  the Tullamore branch of Lidl. This is a proper IPA. It’s 6% and comes with a decent dose of Vic Secret hops. It’s very easy to drink and comes in at great value, €2.45 for a 500ml bottle, sure you couldn’t bate that with a very big stick! I saw a comment recently advising new comers to Irish Craft Beer to stay away from Irish IPAs with a very few exceptions, while I don’t wholly agree I would be happy to state that these two are definitely exceptions to that rule. Sláinte! 

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