#galwaybeer Of Foam and Fury


I’m very excited about this post. Galway Bay Brewery have just doubled up. One of my favourite Irish beers is their dry hopped IPA. You can read about it in one of my first blogs…
Now they’ve only gone and made the first Irish Double IPA and dubbed it Of Foam and Fury. This beer has only been released today! I had a serious thirst one coming in to The Salt House in Galway and I have to say that it has now been sated in the best possible way. It’s a beautiful amber colour. There is a fragrant floral nose (to use wine speak). Oh and the hops, what can I say? They are wonderful. I think I’m in love. This beer could stand shoulder to shoulder with any West Coast of the USA IPA. Probably no coincidence that it hails from the Wesht of Ireland. My new favourite beer!


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