Ballykilcavan…waiting in the wings.

A wee while back my brother in law called round with some samples of Ballykilcavan’s Test Batch Beers. The beers are going to be commercially available early next year and they are currently trying a few different styles to see what works. They are growing all of the barley used in the beer on their own farm along with oats for some seasonal brews and a small amount of hops. The beers aren’t filtered or pasteurised and they are bottle conditioned. I like their style. 

The Bitter is brewed with Fuggles and Goldings and it tastes like an English style Bitter should. I’m not sure how it would work as a commercial brew but I know a few people who would lap it up.  

The Pale Ale with Cascade and Citra was my favourite of the three. It’s not very bitter but it’s juicy and quaffable. 

The Pale Ale with Simcoe and Citra is one that I can see going down very well with the Pale Ale loving public. 

If you want a sneaky preview of the Ballykilcavan beers you may just be in luck, they are hosting a sampling in Napper Tandy’s next Thursday evening. Here’s a link!

I hope to see this small brewery going on to big things in 2017. Sláinte! 


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