A fine pair from Dublin


Brown Paper Bag Project was set up by two Dublin pubs L. Mulligan’s and W.J. Kavanagh’s. They are using breweries far and wide to fulfil their ideas for some very special beers. Firstly I tried Doxie which is a blonde wheat ale. It has a great big head. Sometimes wheat beers can be a little bit meh but the balance of grapefruit and banana flavours really works here. I would say this one would be especially nice sitting outside on a sunny afternoon, alas that was not an option today!

For something completely different I then had their Oxman Dark Brown Ale. It looks a little similar to the ‘old style’ Guinness but is very much a superior tipple. It’s malty and sweet at first. There is kind of a burnt caramel flavour in there and I mean that in a good way! The finish is slightly bitter which is no bad thing, you are left wanting more. I will be keeping an eye out for these distinctive labels in the future.

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