Winter/seasonal/Christmas beers… part one maybe!


T’is the season to be merry and so on and so forth. I feel duty bound to try as many of the seasons beers as possible. First up was J.W. Sweetman’s Winter Ale. It’s a dark red beer that strikes me as strong English bitter type. Perfect for a cold evening.


Next up was O’hara’s Winter Star. It’s not a million miles away from the Sweetman’s brew but it’s a little sweeter. Very nice indeed.

I was in Avoca (the shop) last month and spotted the above beers from Staffordshire Brewery. Cold Turkey is an unremarkable golden pale ale. Nothing new or exciting but serviceable all the same. Rockin Robin is a middle of the road red ale. Again it’s alright but nothing to write home about. Lastly (for this batch anyway) I had the Snowman’s Meltdown a stout. It’s by far the best of the bunch. It has a creamy mocha taste that lasts. Very enjoyable. Avoca offer good wine and food at somewhat inflated prices, this token offering of beer didn’t really do anything for me but it will be interesting to see if they expand on it. Tune in next time for more special beers!

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