Lemonade beer?


In a bit of a recurring theme this week I was sitting out having fish cakes and lemony beer for my dinner again. In contrast to the Camden Gentleman’s Wit though I found the Monteith’s Radler to be overly sweet. It reminded me a little of the Estrella Damm Lemon I drank one afternoon on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Where that was perfect in the late summer heat this didn’t do it for me. I described it as lemonade on Untappd and came in for some (deserved?) slagging from Ian 11pm Somewhere. What did I expect? Well I was hoping for something a little drier and more refreshing, but you live and learn….

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12 Responses to Lemonade beer?

  1. Seán Kelly says:

    a Raddler in germany is basically 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 pils/wiesse. It’s something people drink when they are cycling, hence the name. It’s basically their version of a shandy except they use real lemonade instead of 7up.

  2. The Beer Nut says:

    At 5% ABV I’ve often wondered how many German cyclists die on the roads of New Zealand each year because of this stuff.

    Nasty corporate parent DB attempted to trademark the word “Radler” a few years back but didn’t succeed. They were after “Saison” too, I think.

  3. Pdubyah says:

    Behold the DB export Citrus. 2%ABV, just because they can’t call,it a Radler. Very popular amongst the lady men at work.

  4. terryhickey says:

    I look at Radler’s as a beer cocktail, they are ok but not a beer by any means.

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