The Price of Beer in Dublin Pubs & Oooh, A Randall!


I was in Dublin at the weekend at some conference which I may have mentioned in previous blogs. While there myself and a few fellow bloggers took the opportunity to call in to a couple of the pubs. On Friday night we went to The Norseman (formerly known as Farrington’s). They had a randall (edit thanks to Barry Masterson, Andrew Beoirfinder and John Beer Nut who were paying attention, of course it wasn’t a ‘radler’, I knew that) on the go and Black’s of Kinsale’s Pale Ale was running through it. This curious device was infusing the beer with an extra dose of hops. Citra and Centennial if my memory serves me right. The beer tasted even better than normal! In theory you could put fruit or coffee beans or whatever you think would add to the beer in there. (I may have robbed some of those ideas from Ian 11pm Somewhere! ) I also had a Ginger Porter from Rascals. It is a lovely porter and the hint of ginger means it’s warming like a cuddle. One of those beers cost me €3.50 for the glass, which seems fair enough and the other wasn’t ridiculous either but I can’t remember exactly how much and which was which for some reason!


The next day a few of us ventured as far as The Black Sheep where I had a glass of ReAle Extra from Birra del Borgo. It’s an excellent fruity IPA and certainly is a little exotic as it hails from Italy. That said it was €5.30 for the glass, I didn’t pass too much remarks at the time but that’s a tenner for a pint! In Dublin! Wetherspoon’s Three Tun Tavern is opening out in Blackrock within the week and while some may have misgivings about that fact they will certainly shake things up. I have no problem with paying for beer, or even paying a little extra for something a little bit special but I find a tenner for a pint a bridge too far!


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  1. Seán Kelly says:

    That’s not 5.30 for a Glass, that’s 5.30 for a 370ml serving, or roughly 2/3rd of a pint so 7.95 a pint. Expensive, but a lot less expensive than you seemed to think.

  2. Seán Kelly says:

    You also can’t really compare the price of the two beers as one is locally made an relatively cheap to buy (kinsale) and the other is a rare import and quite expensive to buy.

  3. Sadly Wetherspoons will do nothing to shake things up and their pricing will go largely ignored by other pubs. Wetherspoons have the buying power of 900+ pubs, they buy in bulk from larger breweries and smaller breweries willing to make a hideously small margin. If other pubs decide for some reason to compete and take a hit to their margin it’s unlikely they’ll be in business for long.

    • I suppose it’s like a corner shop vs a supermarket… you’d have more experience with it being over there for a long time. Where they’re opening is a relatively well off area so that’s an interesting choice…

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